Hello, friends.

Hello, friends, and welcome to my blog! 

Generally, I feel like people who blog are super interesting, have cool stories to tell, or are extremely knowledgeable on certain topics.  I personally do not feel like I meet any of those requirements.  I also don't particularly enjoy writing in the first place.  At this point, you may be asking:


This blog is part of a class assignment.  I'm in my last semester at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and I'm taking a digital analytics and content marketing class.  I had absolutely no idea what I was signing up for when I registered for this class, but I'm actually looking forward to it (and I didn't just say that because my professor is probably reading this).

I came up with the name Mochas with Madeline when my professor said we had to blog about something we enjoy.  In my free time, I like to sit in coffee shops.  I also like crafting, cooking, or anything DIY.  And finally, my favorite part of the week is Face Mask Friday.


Since those are some of my favorite things, from here on out, my posts will fall into three different categories.


It is my goal to make it to as many metro Detroit coffee shops as I can by the end of the semester.  I have a few favorites that I visit regularly, but I am always ready to try something new.  Plus, I only have so many more days to study in coffee shops before I graduate in April!  My goal with these posts is to highlight some things I like about each establishment.  As of right now, I'm thinking about rating the coffee, the aesthetic, things like the amount of seating, light, and power outlets, and overall experience.  And I'll probably think of more categories as I visit.  Think Four Weddings but for coffee shops.


Since I love doing fun creative things, but never make time for it on a regular basis, I am most excited for Try It Tuesdays.  I love Tuesdays as it is because I don't have to work, I get out of class early in the day, and This is Us is on.  This is going to make them even better!  I have a growing list of artsy projects, recipes, and other things I'd like to try and I'm excited to share the results (even if they aren't Pinterest-perfect).


Coming home on a Friday night after work or class has to be one of the best feelings in the entire world, and it's even better when I know I have a relaxing night ahead of me.  Anyone who knows me well knows that face mask Friday is a very important ritual for me.  Since I am going to be reviewing coffee shops, I might as well start reviewing the face masks I use every week.  I will be partnering with my good friend Maria Radu (www.themariaradu.com) for these posts.  Maria knows so much about skincare and makeup, so she can recommend products to me.  Hopefully she'll be nice and give me some good ideas!  In addition, I'll be giving you a brief update about my week, and I'll try to make it as interesting as possible.

So that's just a brief overview of what you can expect from me over the next few months (or for forever if I love being a blogger).  I hope you enjoy!