What I've Been Up To Instead of Blogging

Hola amigos!  I know it's been a long while since I posted anything, and my excuse is a combination of being too busy but also somewhat lazy and uninspired.  I've had some pretty fun adventures since you last heard from me, so I just figured I would fill you in.


I generally am not the type of person who values tradition, because it's always exciting to change things up from time to time.  However, spontaneous spring break trips are a tradition I don't mind at all.  Last year I booked a 2 day/1 night trip to NYC a week in advance and had a super great time.  Thanks to my grandma and aunt, I got to book a flight to Florida on a Monday and fly down the very next day to crash their vacation.  It doesn't get any more last minute than that!  I got to join them in Anna Maria Island for 2 nights, and we even got a bonus night in the Tampa airport hotel after our flight was canceled!  We sat on our deck and watched the sun rise and set every morning and evening, swam in our beautiful private pool, and walked up and down the beach many times.  I'm still really pale, but it was a much-needed break from the cold weather up here.  After arriving in Detroit, I was greeted by a long walk from the terminal to my car through multiple inches of snow, wearing Birkenstocks and no coat.  I'd be happy to fly back down to Florida any time!   



There weren't really any more big events that took place in the last month or so, but some other highlights included seeing a few different musicals, Lorde's Melodrama World Tour, and watching the NCAA Championship Game in Ann Arbor.

My family loves seeing musicals, and Les Mis is definitely a favorite.  This was the musical my high school did my senior year, and I played in the orchestra.  Between all the tech week rehearsals and performances, I have probably seen it over 20 times and have every song memorized.  I also saw it on Broadway 3 or 4 years ago and cried the entire time.  Even though our high school performance was pretty good, seeing the professionals perform is obviously so much better, so I'm glad my family got to go!

A couple of weeks later, my family saw my sister perform in Beauty and the Beast.  That is definitely not one of my favorite musicals, but she did a good job.  That same day, I also saw In the Heights in Ann Arbor with a friend and my other sister.  This was put on by an entirely student-run theatre organization and it was very impressive.  As we were looking through the program while we waited for it to start, we realized that these kids are probably going to be on Broadway in a few years!

I'm actually really impressed with myself because I left the house to do something fun on a school night twice in the past week, instead of being boring and going to bed early!  The first night was to see Lorde at Little Caesars Arena.  This was the first opportunity I had to go to Little Caesars, and WOW it's nice.  The second night out was watching the Michigan basketball game at Crisler with some friends.  Even though we left early because we were losing, I'm glad I went!  I think the only other time I watched college basketball was in 2013, the last time they were playing in the National Championship game.

I decided that for the rest of the semester, I need to go back to my old schedule of sitting at home so I can study - only 26 more days until graduation!  Adios!